Configure Run on Server option on a Maven Project on Eclipse IDE

October 03, 2014 | Updated last September, 2015 | 7724 views | Comments

When a Maven Project was created and the application is about to be tested on the server but it was found out that there is no option to "Run on Server" under "Run As" when you right click a specific maven project, the following course of action can fix the missing "Run on Server" option on Eclipse IDE.


Step 1.

Right click on the maven project, and select "Properties".


Step 2.

On the properties window, select "Project Facets", and click on "Convert to faceted form...".


Step 3.

Check on "Dynamic Web Module", and click "Further configuration available..."


Step 4.

Optional: To create the "META-INF" and "WEB-INF" folders inside the "webapp" directory, enter "src/main/webapp" on the "Content directory" field. The default action is a "WebContent" folder will be created at the root of the app, where it will have "META-INF" and "WEB-INF" folders inside it.

Check the "Generate web.xml deployment descriptor" option, and click "OK".


Step 5.

Click "OK".

That's all!

"Run on Server" option is now added, the application can now be tested on the server.