Install Eclipse Oxygen IDE on CentOS 7

May 12, 2018 | 10381 views | Comments

Most of the JAVA developers uses the famous integrated development environment (IDE) software Eclipse. Oxygen is currently it's stable release‎ version (‎4.7.3). It also works along smoothly with linux. Below is a tutorial on how to install Eclipse Oxygen on CentOS 7.


Step 1. Go to /opt.

$ cd /opt


Step 2. Create a folder for "eclipse".

$ sudo mkdir eclipse


Step 3. Go inside "eclipse".

$ cd eclipse

Current path is /opt/eclipse


Step 4. Download "eclipse".

Check the available packages Eclipse Packages

OXYGEN was selected for this tutorial.

Download inside /opt/eclipse/ - either manually or via command line (below).

$ sudo wget


Step 5. Extract the downloaded file.

$ sudo tar -xvf eclipse-jee-oxygen-3a-linux-gtk-x86_64.tar.gz


Step 6. Rename the folder "eclipse" to "oxygen", just to be specific on the version of eclipse that was downloaded.

$ sudo mv eclipse oxygen


That's all!

Eclipse Oxygen IDE is now installed.


Start the program.Manually.

Go inside the main eclipse application folder.

$ cd /opt/eclipse/oxygen

Execute the program to start it.

$ ./eclipse

The application should start, and you will be asked to select a directory as your workspace.


What's next?

To easily start the program anywhere, create a symbolic link (symlink).

sudo ln -s /opt/eclipse/oxygen/eclipse /usr/local/bin/eclipse

The application can now be "globally" started.

$ eclipse

Eclipse will start similarly how the manual process has started.


What's next?

Create a Desktop Launcher.

Create a new file using any text editor you like, vi was used below.

$ sudo vi /usr/share/applications/eclipse.desktop

Put the following code and save.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Eclipse Oxygen
Comment=Eclipse Oxygen IDE

Eclipse is now available under the programming category.