Integrate Maven in Eclipse

September 12, 2014 | Updated last September, 2015 | 1882 views | Comments

In just six steps, integrate M2Eclipse in Eclipse IDE, it is the official Eclipse project for Maven integration for the Eclipse IDE.

Note: This was tested on Eclipse Juno.

Step 1.

From the header menu, click on Help -> Install New Software...


Step 2.

On the Work with: field, type "". Wait until available softwares are populated, then expand "Collaboration".

Note: For other version, the following can be used.



Step 3.

Find and check the following items under Collaboration, then Click "Next".

  • m2e - Maven Integration for Eclipse
  • m2e - slf4j


Step 4.

Install Details will be displayed, click "Next".


Step 5.

Review license page will be shown, click the "I accept radio button", and click "Finish".


Step 6.

You will be asked to restart Eclipse when the Software Update is done. Click "Yes".


That's all!

Maven was successfully integrated in Eclipse.


What's next? Check Maven!

One thing is to view eclipse preferences if Maven is now included.

From the header menu, click on Window -> Preferences

See if Maven is on the list.