Launch an AWS MySQL DB Instance

April 29, 2018 | 805 views | Comments

Amazon web services has a Database service which includes the option to create an RDS (Relational Database Service) in the cloud that is easy to set up, operate, and scale. The following are the steps to create and launch one the most popular relational database management system now, MySQL Database.

Step 1. Go to RDS Database Service Section.

Click the "Services" button, and under the "Database" section, select "RDS".

Step 2. Choose a Region.

Select a region where the database instance will be launched or created.

Step 3. View the Instances List.

Click Instances or DB Instances.

Step 4. Proceed with the Set Up.

Click the "Launch DB Instance" button.

Step 5. Choose from a Variety of Engines.

Select an "engine", and click the "next" button.

MySQL database engine was selected on this example.

Step 6. Choose a Case

Select a "case", and click the "next" button.

Step 7. Specify the Database Details..

  • Select what "DB engine version" to use.
  • Choose "DB instance class".
  • Enter the estimated "Allocated storage".
  • Create a "DB instance identifier".
  • Put the desired "Master username".
  • Type the "Master password".
  • Re-type the master password for "Confirm password".
  • Click the "next" button.

Step 8. Configure Advance Settings.

  • Select "Yes" from "Public accessibility" to allow public/external vpc access to it.
  • Create a new or choose an existing from the "VPC security groups".
  • Enter the desired "Database name".
  • Choose "0 days" on the "Backup retention period" if other method of backup is preferred.
  • Click "Launch DB Instance".

That's all!

Your DB instance is being created.